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Blending Institutional Investment Research

with Boutique Client Service for over 25 Years

  • Customized investment management and strategy
  • Integrated wealth management and coordination
  • Institutional-caliber research process
  • Sophisticated service delivery, including online client portal and proprietary portfolio management system
Nonprofits, Foundations & Endowments
  • Investment policy derivation
  • Spending policy analysis
  • Risk/Return scenario modeling
  • Multi-asset class portfolio design
  • Guidance on board dynamics and donor relations
  • Fee-only structure, inclusive of all services
Institutional Clients & Consultants
  • Strategy-specific mandates in US Equities
  • Fundametrics® Small Cap Value
  • Fundametrics® Large Cap Value
  • Allow for potential tax savings
  • Ability for owners and employees to plan for future
  • One size does not fit all


April 10, 2017
Gene Hoots, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of CornerCap Investment Counsel, recently wrote an Op-Ed in the Winston-Salem Journal about gifting options following the recent buyout of Reynolds American. In discussing the options, he draws upon the inspirational story of Pauline Carter and the impact...