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CornerCap Named to Top US Advisers

Blending Institutional Investment Research

with Boutique Client Service for over 25 Years

  • Customized investment management and strategy
  • Integrated wealth management and coordination
  • Institutional-caliber research process
  • Sophisticated service delivery, including online client portal and proprietary portfolio management system
Nonprofits, Foundations & Endowments
  • Investment policy derivation
  • Spending policy analysis
  • Risk/Return scenario modeling
  • Multi-asset class portfolio design
  • Guidance on board dynamics and donor relations
  • Fee-only structure, inclusive of all services
Institutional Clients & Consultants
  • Strategy-specific mandates in US Equities
  • Fundametrics® Small Cap Value
  • Fundametrics® Large Cap Value
  • Allow for potential tax savings
  • Ability for owners and employees to plan for future
  • One size does not fit all


July 1, 2018
On June 28th, CornerCap was selected for the Financial Times Top 300, which reflects the internationally acclaimed newspaper’s objective assessment of the top registered investment advisers in the United States. We are pleased by this recognition from a trusted, independent, and well-respected...