About CornerCap Investment Counsel

CornerCap Investment Counsel provides customized investment management services and guidance for high-net-worth individuals, group retirement plans, foundations, endowments and other select clients.

We are privately owned by our investment professionals and manage over $1 billion in client assets.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Client First: The needs of our clients are foremost in all of our decisions.
  • Independence: Independence in thinking and in firm ownership ensures that we provide the best unbiased guidance for clients.
  • Commitment to Transparency, Liquidity and Reasonable Cost: These tenets are vital for proper investment management and counsel.
  • Disciplined Approach: Adhering to a strict investment discipline, regardless of market conditions, helps minimize emotional reactions to market events. Historically, this principle has created favorable long-term results for our clients.

Our Goals

  • Provide the highest quality investment counsel and customized portfolio management for our clients. 
  • Offer holistic wealth management advice that integrates our clients' tax, estate planning, and philanthropic requirements
  • Continue to leverage our expertise in research analysis, technology, and comprehensive investment counsel to maintain best-in-class service. 

Our Roots

The firm has its roots in institutional asset management. Prior to founding CornerCap in 1989, Tom Quinn and Gene Hoots managed the $4 billion pension fund of RJR Nabisco from the mid-1970s through 1989 as Chief Investment Officer and President, respectively.

During that period, Tom and Gene learned the investment styles and intricacies of the leading money managers. This experience and their knowledge of market dynamics enabled them to develop their own proprietary research and investment platform, culminating in our Fundametrics® system.

Since its founding in 1989, CornerCap has continued to leverage its proprietary methodologies to provide institutional-caliber research for clients worldwide. From offices in Atlanta and Charlotte, CornerCap serves several hundred high-net-worth families and institutions while retaining its boutique approach. We are committed to independence to maintain our client-centric approach and differentiated service.

Learn more about how our unique background and guiding principles create a culture of "client first" by clicking through to Our Difference, Our Team, Investment Philosophy, and Investment Approach.

Quick Facts

Headquarters: Atlanta
Service Offices: Atlanta and Charlotte
Founded: 1989
Assets Under Management: $1 Billion+

Our commitment to Transparency, Liquidity, and Reasonable Cost set us apart.

We do not accept performance incentives.

We do not charge hidden fees.

More Information About Cornercap

Our investment approach is embodied in two distinct ways:

  • Building and managing multi-asset class portfolios based on expertly balancing a client’s risk profile and time horizon
  • Buying and selling individual stocks based on Fundametrics® research process, our proprietary research system

In each of these, independent thinking, bottom-up fundamental analysis and a contrarian value discipline is at the core of our approach.


Together, our CornerCap team has over 250 years of experience in guiding clients to reach their financial goals. Our team has successfully navigated through both favorable and challenging market cycles while maintaining an untarnished reputation for meeting our clients’ needs with a historical track record of favorable long-term results.

Our commitment to transparency and consistency in everything we do—from portfolio construction to fee structure to investment approach—makes us unique among investment advisors.

Our core philosophy, proven over the past 30 years, is that adhering to a consistent investment discipline, regardless of market conditions, helps minimize human emotion and should yield favorable long term results. Our discipline rests on a conservative value orientation, independent thinking, and internally generated research.