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A Different Spin: How Statistics Is Changing Conventional Thinking (Basketball Analogy)

With March Madness upon us, we can’t help but highlight a fascinating evolution in the sport of basketball over the past ten years. Like “Moneyball” in baseball, it derives from statistics. It’s not...
Dart on a Page with Stock Prices

"Three Economists Walk into a Bar..."

We have written many times in the past about the problems with economic forecasts. The more specific they are, the more wrong they tend to be. And the consensus is usually wrong, as history shows....

Trump Wins: Quick Analysis

Stocks sold off globally in the hours after the Trump victory, but US and European stocks quickly recovered. Investors are already looking past the headlines. Plus, don’t forget that the S&P 500...
Sales Set to "Max"

How Far Would Wells Fargo Go? Thoughts on the "Gotcha" Moment

As you might expect, the news about Wells Fargo’s sales practices launched strong reactions from members of our firm. Below, we share edited excerpts from internal emails sent by CEO Tom Quinn and...


Fundametrics® Research Process

Financial pie chartThe Fundametrics® reserach process is our proprietary computer-based research system, which screens our universe of stocks and decile ranks them according to specific valuation criteria.

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Multi-Asset Class Strategies

Blindly following the larger university endowment model for diversification can lead to unintended consequences. Our approach rests on transparency, liquidity, and reasonable cost while recognizing that portfolios must be diversified across economic regimes.

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