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Searching for Tax Efficiency in Retirement

After working hard to build a nest egg for many years, there is a temptation to relax in retirement and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You may have accumulated a sizable asset base including...

Why CornerCap Is in Business

I recently found a classic article published in Fortune in November 1999. It was written by Warren Buffet, as the market was being carried to new heights by the internet bubble. I include excerpts...

Turning Tide?

The past two years have been difficult for equity managers, and CornerCap was no exception. For the past four or five months, however, our research is showing a return to more normal conditions where...

Fiscal Cliff, Take 3!

Where do we stand after the latest round of fiscal cliff negotiations?  "How Can You Be So Obtuse?"  We were reminded of this line from the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" while watching the recent...