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Analysis of This Year's Volatility

Volatility (especially the downside kind) has again seized the markets and investor attention. Why is it happening? Is it detrimental to investors? Where does CornerCap see risk and opportunity?  ...
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Hard to Pick the "Game Changers"

Can people reliably pick “the category killers”—those stocks that are game changers and create disproportionate returns? The odds are low, although many try. As the NASDAQ returns to its peak last...

New Procedure for Money Movement Requests

  CornerCap is implementing a new procedure that requires verbal verification for money movement requests. Headlines occur all too frequently describing how a company has been hacked or a fraudster...

Comment on Today’s Market Volatility

Within five minutes of the market opening this morning, the S&P 500 had sold off almost 104 points, or 5.27%.  After an active trading session, the S&P 500 closed down 77.68 points or 3.94...