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Guaranteed Taxes vs. Uncertain Returns

We are often asked questions about taxes and tax strategies utilized by CornerCap.  While we have written several articles on the subject in the past, we wrote a comprehensive report, Guaranteed...

Gurus vs. Algorithms

Today, almost everyone uses GPS in their cars to find driving directions.  If you use GPS regularly, you will have experienced a situation when the system came back with incorrect directions.  While...

Timing Charitable Donations – Giving vs. Receiving

In this article, we review techniques to improve tax efficiency with particular emphasis on donor advised funds. The US equity markets delivered impressive returns again last year.  Large-cap...

Jail House Stock (If It Sounds too Good to be True…)

Ponzi schemes can be shocking, particularly when you used to know the guy who created one. CornerCap’s trader Charlie Bettinger reflects on the irony of a former colleague from his Wall Street days,...