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Jail House Stock (If It Sounds too Good to be True…)

Ponzi schemes can be shocking, particularly when you used to know the guy who created one. CornerCap’s trader Charlie Bettinger reflects on the irony of a former colleague from his Wall Street days,...

“The Only Thing We Have to Fear…”

Markets have been unkind since mid-September, bringing serious questions about global economic health and even concerns about another 2008 financial crisis.  We provide a broader investment update...
Tyrant King

Grossing Up for Success

Most professional investors believe that Bill Gross has been the all-time greatest fixed income investor.  We would agree.  He co-founded PIMCO Investment Management in 1976 and has been the key...
Checkerboard Illusion

Illusions and the Art of Paying Attention

In our investment research, we love coming across new ideas and information that provide insight into human behavior and investment success. The image to the left highlights two very important points...