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Today's Tax Environment

The Perfect Storm: A Review of Today's Tax Environment

Why were tax burdens so high for many people last year? Four reasons made 2013 a "perfect storm" for tax payers. We review the year from a tax perspective below, and discuss what to do heading into...

High Frequency Trading vs. the Dead Specialist: Did We Get What We Wanted?

Introductory Note: We don’t normally air our internal debates for public review, but in this case we do so for two reasons: 1) it illustrates how we encourage differing views to achieve consensus,...

Only Yesterday and the Wall Street Dream Machine

Only Yesterday, by F. L. Allen, is a history of the 1920s.  My father and I discussed this book twenty years ago when he was in his late 70’s.  He said, “Yes, the late 1920s were only yesterday.” ...
Man on Tracks

Dollar Cost Averaging: Not All It's Cracked Up to Be

As you might expect, we get questions about dollar cost averaging (DCA) frequently.  Would it be better for the client if we invested a large sum (typically cash) gradually over several months, or...