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Dart on a Page with Stock Prices

"Three Economists Walk into a Bar..."

We have written many times in the past about the problems with economic forecasts. The more specific they are, the more wrong they tend to be. And the consensus is usually wrong, as history shows....

Trump Wins: Quick Analysis

Stocks sold off globally in the hours after the Trump victory, but US and European stocks quickly recovered. Investors are already looking past the headlines. Plus, don’t forget that the S&P 500...
European Continent

Brexit Occurred: Quick Thoughts

The UK has voted to exit the European Union. Global markets are down, and the US markets are likely to open weaker too. COMMENT ON TODAY’S ACTIVITY Today’s market activity reflects investors’...
Man Screaming

Analysis of This Year's Volatility

Volatility (especially the downside kind) has again seized the markets and investor attention. Why is it happening? Is it detrimental to investors? Where does CornerCap see risk and opportunity?  ...