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China Image

China: Implications of the Stock Market Crash

After climbing 150%-200% over the past year, China’s various stock market indices plummeted as much as 40% in less than four weeks this summer. Some quick observations: Yes, Bubble! Chinese stocks...
Debt Snapshot by Country

Greece and the EU: Update on Current Status

While the daily drama unfolds in unpredictable ways, the big picture about Greece is that its economy is not structured to support its national debt. That means to us that a Greek default is...

“The Only Thing We Have to Fear…”

Markets have been unkind since mid-September, bringing serious questions about global economic health and even concerns about another 2008 financial crisis.  We provide a broader investment update...
Checkerboard Illusion

Illusions and the Art of Paying Attention

In our investment research, we love coming across new ideas and information that provide insight into human behavior and investment success. The image to the left highlights two very important points...