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Hard to Pick the "Game Changers"

Can people reliably pick “the category killers”—those stocks that are game changers and create disproportionate returns? The odds are low, although many try. As the NASDAQ returns to its peak last...

High Frequency Trading vs. the Dead Specialist: Did We Get What We Wanted?

Introductory Note: We don’t normally air our internal debates for public review, but in this case we do so for two reasons: 1) it illustrates how we encourage differing views to achieve consensus,...

Only Yesterday and the Wall Street Dream Machine

Only Yesterday, by F. L. Allen, is a history of the 1920s.  My father and I discussed this book twenty years ago when he was in his late 70’s.  He said, “Yes, the late 1920s were only yesterday.” ...

Why CornerCap Is in Business

I recently found a classic article published in Fortune in November 1999. It was written by Warren Buffet, as the market was being carried to new heights by the internet bubble. I include excerpts...