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Smart Money Matters

Smart Money Matters: Gifting Techniques for the Savvy Taxpayer

Giving to charity is great; giving away your tax deduction is not. In this first comment in a series we call "Smart Money Matters," Senior VP and Portfolio Manager Richard Bean provides his thoughts...
Tax Form 1040

Year-End Planning Under the New Tax Law

As we find ourselves only a few months away from ending the first year under the new tax law, our clients and friends of the firm would be well served to revisit the law's changes and implications. ...

Timing Charitable Donations – Giving vs. Receiving

In this article, we review techniques to improve tax efficiency with particular emphasis on donor advised funds. The US equity markets delivered impressive returns again last year.  Large-cap...
Today's Tax Environment

The Perfect Storm: A Review of Today's Tax Environment

Why were tax burdens so high for many people last year? Four reasons made 2013 a "perfect storm" for tax payers. We review the year from a tax perspective below, and discuss what to do heading into...