CornerCap Introduces My Accumulation Plan

September 5, 2019


For years, CornerCap has received requests from clients for their younger family members and friends to access our investment counsel outside of our private wealth management minimums.

We listened.

Your feedback is why we created a cutting-edge online investment platform launching exclusively for CornerCap friends and family this Fall.


Dear Friends of CornerCap,

Our high net worth clients often want to encourage their children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, godchildren and neighbors to initiate their own pathways to wealth accumulation.  It's a topic that comes up more and more frequently with Harriet's and my 4 grandchildren, who are growing up in the blink of an eye.

 Tom and Harriet at the beach with their 4 grandchildren celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with a vows renewal ceremony.

At CornerCap, we are passionate about supporting individuals’ unique journeys to wealth accumulation so that they can achieve their life goals, whatever those may be and at whatever stage of life that journey may start.

So in response to your feedback, we’ve created a cutting-edge online investment platform that yields access to CornerCap’s Fundametrics® research and investment strategy at a lower minimum account threshold than our full service wealth management services.  The platform is called MAP - short for My Accumulation Plan.

I'm incredibly proud of and impressed with this innovative approach to investing that was engineered by the next generation of leaders at CornerCap.  

MAP applies our time-tested research to actively managed, return-seeking portfolios. Through the creative use of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and by following CornerCap's research-driven signals, the MAP strategy will “tilt” portfolios by over/under weighting asset classes, sizes or styles.  

Giving them a flavor of the CornerCap experience, and as a first step on their journey to high net worth, every MAP client receives a review of their investment strategy from a private wealth advisor upon opening their account. Additionally, MAP clients have the opportunity to receive an annual review with a private wealth manager.

It’s easy to establish an account online with a minimum of $5,000 (contributed by the individual or gifted to them by a family member). MAP clients receive convenient 24/7 account access and the ability to automate investment contributions directly from their checking account. 

If you know someone who’s ready to chart their own course toward wealth accumulation, click here to learn more about MAP or to open an account.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Fall season.

Best regards,

Tom Quinn, CEO


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