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Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Cryptocurrency Model: What Might the Future Hold?

Over the past year, the concept of cryptocurrencies—digital money backed by algorithms for security, verification, and record keeping—exploded into the mainstream. Bitcoin is the most famous...
US Congress

Our Assessment of the New Tax Bill

With the sweeping US tax bill set to become law, we thought we would provide some brief observations and perspective on its broad implications, as well as a summary of the major changes the bill...
Princeton University

Reasonable Returns? What College Endowments Can Show You about Investing

A look at portfolio returns of college endowments over the past ten years highlights three key principles for everyday investors to keep in mind in today’s markets. People often believe that...
Robot Hands

Robotization and Investment Advice

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog titled “Gurus vs. Algorithms.”  Briefly, this was a man versus machine article.  In this study, the academicians concluded that the machines were more often correct...


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Fundametrics® Research Process

Financial pie chartThe Fundametrics® research process is our proprietary computer-based research system, which screens our universe of stocks and decile ranks them according to specific valuation criteria.

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Multi-Asset Class Strategies

Blindly following the larger university endowment model for diversification can lead to unintended consequences. Our approach rests on transparency, liquidity, and reasonable cost while recognizing that portfolios must be diversified across economic regimes.

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