In Depth Reports Archive

These represent our thoughts on special topics and issues in the investment world. Historically, they have come in various forms, including newsletters, white papers, and client notes. We try to emphasize long term thinking and core principles, rather than short term reaction.

Title Date
Protecting Yourself from Investment Fraud 07/19/2015
Special Report--Oil in Flames: Game Changer? A Look at the Implications of the Oil Fallout 01/05/2015
Guaranteed Taxes versus Uncertain Returns: Depriving the Devil His Due 12/18/2014
Dollar Cost Averaging: Does It Make Sense? 03/04/2014
Proposed Tax Law Consequences, Intended and Unintended 05/06/2013
The Aftermath of 2008: A Look at the Lasting Impact of the Credit Crisis 10/17/2012
The “Moneyball” for Making Money 02/28/2012
Update on the European Sovereign Debt Crisis 09/19/2011
Is Gold a Good Investment Now? 02/01/2011
All Quiet on the Western Front? 06/21/2010
U.S. Treasury Bonds : The Third Bubble 03/01/2010
A Look at Investing If/When Government Support Goes Away 02/04/2010
The Irresistible Melody of the Pied Piper 01/01/2010
CornerCap Investment Counsel Analyzes the Roth IRA Conversion Opportunities for 2012 01/01/2010
The Demise of the Dollar 09/22/2009
The Cost of Emotion 06/01/2009
Navigating Stormy Seas 03/22/2009
Back to Basics 01/01/2009
The Long Road to Redemption 09/22/2008
The Lost Decade 06/22/2008
From Wall Street to Peachtree Street 03/22/2008
The Corner Cap of the Future 05/22/2007
It's a Not So Wonderful Life 01/01/2007
Core Values 10/01/2006
The Loss of Human Logic 05/22/2006
Doug Dougherty on "Why I Joined CornerCap" 09/01/2005
Tom Quinn on "What am I doing Here?" 05/01/2005
The Wealth Transfer Funds 03/01/2005
I Wanna Be Like Warren 06/01/2004
The Numbers Just Don't Add Up 08/01/2003
The Beauty Contest 12/01/2000

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