In Depth Reports

ID Theft

Protecting Yourself from Investment Fraud

Background and Purpose: CornerCap has been researching investment scams that prey on the general public, particularly the senior population which is most vulnerable. We have met with leading experts...

Oil in Flames: Game Changer?

SUMMARY The latter half of 2014 saw the second largest annual drop in oil prices ever, down 50%. Will the new environment be a game changer for the industry? We look at market share dynamics,...
Death and Taxes

Guaranteed Taxes versus Uncertain Returns: Depriving the Devil His Due

Wine makers refer to the evaporation of wine as it ages in casks as the “Angel’s Share” and whiskey distillers refer to the evaporation of liquor as it ages as the “Devil’s Share”. Many people refer...
Man on Train Tracks

Dollar Cost Averaging: Does It Make Sense?

Dollar cost averaging (DCA) is the approach whereby an investor purchases a fixed dollar amount of assets at regular intervals, rather than investing the lump sum all at once[1]. The intent with DCA...


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