In Depth Reports

Tax Puzzle

Proposed Tax Law Consequences, Intended and Unintended

The tax law changes made in late 2012 largely affected upper tax brackets – most notably an increase of the top tax bracket to 39.6% from 36% and an increase in the marginal estate tax rate to 40%...
Piggy Bank in Safe

THE AFTERMATH OF 2008 A Look at the Lasting Impact of the Credit Crisis

The panic of 2008 is still among us, judging from investor behavior. Most investors are putting a premium on safety at almost any price. This article looks at the lasting impact of the credit crisis...

The “Moneyball” for Making Money

Keying off the Academy Awards last Sunday night, Tom Quinn, CornerCap Co-Founder and CEO, writes about the origins of our proprietary research system 30 years ago, putting it in context of the...


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