Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is that independent thinking, a consistent value orientation, and proper portfolio diversification, all underscored by transparency and controlled costs, are the keys to long term investment performance that support client goals.

Our core philosophy, proven over the past 30 years, is that adhering to a consistent investment discipline, regardless of market conditions, helps minimize human emotion and should yield favorable long term results. Our discipline rests on a conservative value orientation, independent thinking, and internally generated research.

We further believe that portfolio management should uphold the principles of transparency, liquidity, and reasonable cost, the keys to long term investment performance for our clients.

Fundamental to our philosophy is the principle of “regression to the mean," which steers us to stocks or asset classes that are out of favor or unpopular but exhibit attractive characteristics to support long-term price appreciation. 

When applying our philosophy and process, our experience is that establishing the right allocation strategy at the outset is one of the most important keys to success. The right strategy protects each client's financial goals during the unpredictable but invariable downdrafts in the market.

This means that we invest considerable time at the early stage getting to know our clients' goals, plans and assumptions about the future. With this understanding, we can better help them evaluate their financial goals, spending requirements, and comprehensive plan for wealth management.

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Fundametrics® Research Process

Financial pie chartThe Fundametrics® research process is our proprietary computer-based research system, which screens our universe of stocks and decile ranks them according to specific valuation criteria.

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Multi-Asset Class Strategies

Blindly following the larger university endowment model for diversification can lead to unintended consequences. Our approach rests on transparency, liquidity, and reasonable cost while recognizing that portfolios must be diversified across economic regimes.

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