Market Insights Archive

These represent our thoughts on the capital markets on a quarterly basis. Here, we try to put short term market news into broader perspective, as well as highlight our investment research conclusions.

Title Issue
Greece, China, and the Fed: What’s It All Mean for You? 2nd Quarter, 2015
1Q15 Fundametrics Small Cap Commentary 1st Quarter, 2015
Investment Commentary 1Q15 1st Quarter, 2015
4Q14 Fundametrics Small Cap Commentary 4th Quarter, 2014
4Q14 Investment Summary Snapshot 4th Quarter, 2014
Thoughts on On-Going Market Volatility 3rd Quarter, 2014
3Q14 Fundametrics Small Cap Commentary 3rd Quarter, 2014
A Look at Our Recent Equity Performance 2nd Quarter, 2014
2Q14 Fundametrics Small Cap Quarterly Commentary 2nd Quarter, 2014
Is the Stock Market Rigged? 1st Quarter, 2014
Putting the World in Slow Motion 4th Quarter, 2013
The Antidote to Good (or Bad) Annual Returns 3rd Quarter, 2013
A World with Higher Interest Rates? 2nd Quarter, 2013
New Highs! Has the Market Run too Far, too Fast? 1st Quarter, 2013
Market Outlook: What’s Next in 2013? 4th Quarter, 2012
The Aftermath of 2008 (Special Report/White Paper) 3rd Quarter, 2012
Skating to Where the Puck Will Be 2nd Quarter, 2012
The Bigger Picture and Investment Extremes 1st Quarter, 2012
Systemic Risk in Europe, Relative Strength in the US, and the Benefits of Diversification 4th Quarter, 2011
Falling for Fearful Forecasts 3rd Quarter, 2011
The Tug-of-War of Animal Spirits 2nd Quarter, 2011
Pulling the Rug out from under the Party? 1st Quarter, 2011
Riding High on Low Expectations? 4th Quarter, 2010
Easy Money, the Sequel: Coming to a Street near You 3rd Quarter, 2010
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn and Caldron Bubble? 2nd Quarter, 2010
Up Next, the Highly Anticipated Chapter Three of The Historic Rescue 1st Quarter, 2010
What Will Happen in 2010? 4th Quarter, 2009
WEBS Virus Grips the Nation 4th Quarter, 2009
Riskier Investments Win Again 3rd Quarter, 2009
Risk Rebounds... But Too Far Too Fast? 2nd Quarter, 2009
Is the Worst Behind Us? What Will Happen Next? 1st Quarter, 2009
Commentary: March 31, 2009 1st Quarter, 2009
Fear’s Running Rampant—It’s No Time for Reactionary Selling 3rd Quarter, 2008
Unintended Consequences 2nd Quarter, 2008
Market and Investment Commentary: “Uncharted Waters” and Regression to the Mean 1st Quarter, 2008
The Tax vs. Investment Conflict: How To Win Both 4th Quarter, 2007
The RePricing of Common Sense 3rd Quarter, 2007
“Post-Retirement” 2nd Quarter, 2007
Thinking Outside the “Style” Box 1st Quarter, 2007
Where to Invest in 2007 4th Quarter, 2006
Dismal Science—Dismal Record 3rd Quarter, 2006
Market Noise 2nd Quarter, 2006
Know When To Fold ‘Em 1st Quarter, 2006
That Taxing Time of Year 4th Quarter, 2005
In The Wake of Katrina Difficult Lessons in Risk Management 3rd Quarter, 2005
Blueprint for Printing Greenbacks 2nd Quarter, 2005
New “SOX” for Corporate Management 1st Quarter, 2005
Your Social Security “Investments” 4th Quarter, 2004
Revelation and Response 3rd Quarter, 2004
The Character of an Investor 2nd Quarter, 2004
New Reality TV Show: “The Retiree” 1st Quarter, 2004
The Business of Moneymaking 4th Quarter, 2003
Market Outlook 3rd Quarter, 2003
Running Down the Run Up 2nd Quarter, 2003
Shock and Awe 1st Quarter, 2003
(When) Will It Come Back? 4th Quarter, 2002
FEAR-SIDE CHAT 3rd Quarter, 2002
Buy Low, Sell High 1st Quarter, 2002
The Boomers’ Dilemma 4th Quarter, 2001
Returning From Retreat 3rd Quarter, 2001
Forecasting the “Unforecastable” 2nd Quarter, 2001
Redefining Risk 1st Quarter, 2001
An Historic Bubble 4th Quarter, 2000
Reversion or Revolution? 3rd Quarter, 2000
What Do You Mean? We Love Technology! 2nd Quarter, 2000

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