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Fearful Cartoon

Yield Curve Inversion! Take risk off the table?

On March 22, the yield curve began to invert, which many consider to be an indicator of recession within 12-24 months. What should we do in response? Is it time to reduce equity exposure, at least...

Fundametrics® Small Cap Equity Q418 Performance Summary and Observations

Investor sentiment moved to defense during 4Q as small cap stocks hit bear territory. Factor leadership changed from “Best Momentum” and “Highest Earnings Forecast”, which had dominated through...
Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds: Recession Ahead?

Stocks in the US are reportedly off to their worst December since 1931. More saliently, most every market is now in “correction” (down 10%), with some markets and sectors already in a bear market (...
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Market Outlook, Post-Elections

With the mid-term elections behind us[1], we believe three issues will continue to dominate markets for the near-term: The intensity of trade wars between the US and China Plans by the Fed to raise...


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