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Market Outlook, Post-Elections

With the mid-term elections behind us[1], we believe three issues will continue to dominate markets for the near-term: The intensity of trade wars between the US and China Plans by the Fed to raise...
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Chart of the Month: Extreme Market for Growth Stocks

Growth stocks—generally, stocks of companies with above-average revenue growth and strong returns on equity—have had a superlative year so far. In fact, they have done very well since the Great...

Fundametrics® Small Cap Equity Q3 2018 Performance Summary and Observations

The Fundametrics® Small Cap Value strategy returned 1.71% for the quarter, vs. the Russell 2000 Value’s 1.60%. Despite our slight edge, this remains a challenging market for Value investors. Factor...

Turkey, Emerging Markets, and Your Portfolio

Since July 31st, Turkey’s national currency, the Turkish Lira, has fallen as much as 23% on threats of a trade war and declining confidence in Turkey’s government. Turkey clearly faces some daunting...


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