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In-Depth Reports

These represent our thoughts on special topics and issues in the investment world. Historically, they have come in various forms, including newsletters, white papers, and client notes. We try to emphasize long term thinking and core principles, rather than short term reaction.

Market Insights

These represent our thoughts on the capital markets on a quarterly basis. Here, we try to put short term market news into broader perspective, as well as highlight our investment research conclusions.

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Featured Topics

The market crash exposed weakness in the long-heralded “Endowment Model.”What did
we learn about it? And how do we think about structuring portfolios for uncertain times?

Fundametrics® Research Process

Financial pie chartThe Fundametrics® research process is our proprietary computer-based research system, which screens our universe of stocks and decile ranks them according to specific valuation criteria.

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Small-Cap Insights

Below are our latest Fundametrics Small-Cap Value insights from the past four quarters.

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