Institutional Clients & Consultants

Institutional Clients & Consultants
For over two decades, CornerCap has fulfilled specific investment mandates with our US Small Cap Value product, as part of a broader portfolio of managers.

For institutional consultants and family offices looking for managers to fulfill a specific mandate within a broader portfolio, we offer our Fundametrics® Small Cap Value strategy.

This product is based on our investment philosophy and process built on principles our founders developed while managing the RJR Nabisco pension plan in the 1980s:

  • Philosophy: Minimize human emotion and capitalize on “regression to the mean” through a contrarian relative value discipline
  • Process: Proprietary Fundametrics® research system (since 1980s) and weekly Investment Committee ensure we adhere to our philosophy
  • Strategy: Small Cap Value, long only, portfolios (200-250 stocks), that accept relative volatility in an effort to beat relevant benchmarks by a net average annual 300-400 basis points over a full market cycle
  • Ownership: Entirely owned by its employees

    − Founders still leading the firm
    − Succession plan in place for the next generation

Our returns can be found in the primary databases. For more information, including a detailed presentation book, please contact Derek Tubbs.